Magnificent Shimmer And Shine Cake Decorations. This calls for some shimmer and shine party decorations to add a little sparkle to the scene. With your choice of white or chocolate cake and dipped in coordinating colored chocolate per design/theme.

Shimmer and Shine It's Magic Cake Decorating Set: Amazon … from

The idea is to make the cake look glittery and charmingly imperfect. Cheeca's cakes and more on instagram: Today i made a shimmer and shine cake that's just like a magic carpet!

Also, paired with delicious sponge and filling options, this cake is all set to cater to your sweet tooth.

Let me know your fave character or favourite part of this cake. Tutti i personaggi sono stati realizzati con la tecnica del modelling 3d, con dettagli dipinti con colori. This decorating instruction card provides instructions to create this beautiful shimmer and shine™ it's magic! More amazing kids cakes compilation!

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