Image of Simple Christmas Cake Decoration. Three stars complete with smaller stars and gold decoration. Watch the technique videos for more information and see the recipe tips.

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Like most christmas cakes, this one is best when made about a month advance so the flavors develop. The following 50 christmas decoration ideas have been handpicked to help you find a project that will inspire you to embrace your artistic side of 2020. Making your own christmas cake this year?

These fun christmas cake decorations will please both adults and children.

Our simple iced christmas cake decoration is classy and easy to create. Instead of covering in plastic wrap, which could smoosh your decorations, top with a cake cover or an upturned bowl or pot. Wondering how to decorate your christmas cake? Oetker apricot glaze and using the inner tube to support the marzipan, lift the marzipan disc over and onto the cake.

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