Gorgeous My Little Pony Cake Decorations. Place fondant pieces and pony figurines on the cake to create a scene. Cake's fraternal twin foals who make their debut in the season two episode baby cakes.

handmade edible cake decorations toppers MY LITTLE PONY … from i.ebayimg.com

'my little pony' cake i wanted to carry the rainbow theme into the inside of the cake. Inside this colorful pony cake there is chocolate mud cake and orange flavored swiss meringue buttercream. The ponies are toys as my granddaughter loves to have the toys to play with afterwards!

I think i didn't put them on due to bad photo quallity, but i'm sure you won't mind.

Pinkie pie is coming to the party! Just follow the steps below. Delight a my little pony fan with these colourful cake and cupcake decorations. This was my daughter 9th birthday cake.she didn't really like my little pony, but i liked the design!

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