Beautiful Soft Icing Cake Designs. To make cake designs with icing, first make buttercream frosting, which is good for decorating. Then, put a thick layer of frosting on your cake as a base, making it as smooth as possible.

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This step is not required if your cake is iced with soft icing such as buttercream, which is adequately adhesive. In fact, a cake looks quite raw and unfinished without that creamy, soft, sweet, delicious, and not to mention beautiful decoration. Learn cake decorating piping techniques with these 12 simple and easy buttercream cake borders.

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Once you have your cakes, you'll want to make the whipped cream (recipe below). From swiss buttercream to french meringue. We've got cakes covered here at hobbycraft. Our mandarin orange is an icing cake design special recipe for those who prefer a cool, citrus taste, and our snickerdoodle.

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