Beautiful Fondant For Beginners. It needs time to dry. But i decided to give it a whirl when i was out shopping for my daughter's first birthday and i found this.

Fondant roses for beginners – YouTube from

Smooth the top and side of the cake, gently pressing the fondant onto the cake; Simple tips strategies and recipes for beginners wanting. Knead your fondant into a pliable ball and place your fondant (colored or not) on a silicone pastry mat.

Which fondant is the smoothest?

Let's face it, commercial fondant does not taste good. Sugar flower tutorials (fondant flowers). Before you start asking if i'm qualified to write a guide to fondant, considering that i only used it for the first time last week, let me ask you: Working with fondant can be tricky for a beginner, and yet with these tips, you will be a pro in no time.

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