Amazing Ready To Decorate Cakes. When we see beautiful wedding cakes with flowers it's time to get the fun part ready! Now using the cake decorating icing recipe above, take your spatula scoop up a great big circle and start on the side of the cake working you way around you should now have a fully iced cake ready to decorate.

Flat iced and ready to decorate. | Specialty cakes … from

Now it is ready to decorate. I can decide in the morning that i want to serve a delicious chocolate cake for dinner today and that would be perfectly fine. And the videos are free!

White fondant, food colouring pastes, spatulas, a fondant smoother, a cake board, a sugar craft gun, modelling tools, an impression sheet for the grass and stand in the pan for 10 minutes.

Cut them out on paper, or use lace doilies, and sprinkle powdered sugar or sprinkles over the top of the cake, using the stencils to create. How to use fresh flowers to decorate cakes. Add some roasted nuts and decorate a simple cake with basic frosting. Five ways you can decorate cakes with absolutely no cake decorating supplies.

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