Cool Fondant Cake Decorating For Beginners. A themed cake with simple shapes is easy to make with fondant. I wondered how to stack my layers and how the frosting always looked so even.

Easy Multi-Colour Polka Dots Fondant Cake for Beginners from

Cake decorating can be an extremely daunting task. Have you ever wanted to decorate your own cake but been scared away to even try simple designs?? Join our cake decorating world now to meet up with other bakers and cake connoisseurs on the web.

It can support very heavy cakes, and is dream it helps evenly spreading frosting between cake layers, and work frosting around the cake for the crumb coat!

Easy cream cheese pound cake. I find that it dries out the fondant and makes it more prone to cracking. In the beginning of my cake decorating days i was mesmerized with how cake could be decorated in so many different ways. <<you might be interested in:

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